NEUROSCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a research-led company. Our services to companies developing drugs are firmly based on in-house research into the physiology of pain and the pathophysiology of neurological conditions.

Basic Research: development of new experimental models of neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain and migraine; development of new approaches to quantify pain signals within the nervous system.

Clinical Research: studies on new familial neuropathic pain disorders, Fabry's disease and fibromyalgia; pathophysiological mechanisms and psychophysics of pain.

NEUROSCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES participates in several collaborative projects: 

  • "Characterising the functional significance of abnormal neural afferent patterns in neuropathic pain using intraneural microstimulation", in collaboration with University College London. Industrial CASE studentship, Medical Research Council, UK.
  • NEUROPAIN, "Characterisation of subgroups of patients with neuropathic pain". Investigator Initiated Research Grant. Developed by 11 european centres with expertise in Quantitative Sensory Testing (Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark & Finland).